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Quad Lock® Dual Desktop Wireless Charger


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Quad Lock MAG™ Dual Desktop Wireless Charger provides fast charge to multiple devices at once.


With a machined aluminium base and soft-touch grip pad, the Dual Desktop Wireless Charging is the most stylish way to charge your phone and accessories around the home or office.

Reusable nano-suction adhesive base means the Dual Desktop Charger stays in place, making it easy to remove your device with just one hand, or adjust the viewing angle of your phone.


With a smooth but strong friction hinge, the arm and head are adjustable without requiring a locking feature to hold in place.

The Dual Desk Mount folds flat, making travel a breeze.


Charge your phone and compatible accessories, such as AirPods PRO.

The Quad Lock® interface on the Charging Head ensures perfect placement everytime, in portrait or landscape orientation.

The MAG ring in the Charging Pad base provides accurate alignment for optimal charging performance.


The ambient light sensor automatically switches the LED light indicator to ‘night mode’, only indicating your device is charging for a few seconds before turning off. No annoying lights when you’re charging your devices in a darkened room.

*Please note:

Not compatible with wearable accessories (smartwatches)

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